Sea Moss Gel

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Not genetically modified

No preservatives, additives, or fillers 

SeaMoss Benefits:

  • Offers 92 of the 102 minerals of which our bodies are made
  • Promote healthy mood and energy
  • Rich source of iodine which helps produce the thyroid hormone
  • Helps boosts immunity its nutrients can help you to fight or ward off infections
  • Helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and diminishes dark circles and bags under the eyes when used as a face mask

Storage: Refrigerate immediately upon arrival and keep refrigerated during use for up to 3-4 weeks. Any unused Sea Moss Gel can be frozen. Simply pour the mixture into ice cube trays, freeze then transfer into a freeze safe container to prevent frostbite.

Recommended Dosage: Take 2-3 tablespoons daily or as needed. Can be added to smoothies, tea, baked goods and salad dressings. If using topically apply to target area and let sit for 15-20 minutes. Rinse off when Sea Moss Gel turns white and flaky.

Customer Reviews

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Brittany W

This seamoss is awesome. I love the nutritional benefits of it and it had help build up my whole family immune system.

Nakeithta Varmall
Always a go to.

I have always taken seamoss and will continue. Love it! Thanks yall💜

Dominic Peartree
🖤sea. moss. gel

I love this sea moss gel. The nutrients it produce is amazing for the body, literally inside out. I put a scoop of this in my smoothies and my diy hair moisturizer. 😍😍

Love Yo Sea Moss Gel❣️

The sea moss gel is lovely..I liked it so much, I send my son in law 3 -16oz jar to Katy,TX❣️..OMG! He loved it too!
Again..Thank you Guys for all you do!

Love the sea moss gel

I love the sea moss gel, I have ordered twice second time however the gel seemed very loose and had a slightly different taste than the first round I got. I try and take at least 1.5tbsp per day with my other vitamins. I took extra when I thought I had a yeast infection- was gone in 2 days. Then I also had a sinus infection and did the same jumping to almost 3 tbsp per day - needless to say it wasn’t pretty but my sinuses flushed out.