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Peculiar People Holistic

The Big Book of Spiritual Affirmations (eBook Download)

The Big Book of Spiritual Affirmations (eBook Download)

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Spiritual Affirmations - Are merely favorable statements that draw on the power of The Higher Power to manifest whatsoever it is that you're affirming (saying).

By affirming what you wish to have occurred in The Higher Power's name, you're effectively commanding the universe to 'right the wrongs', and giving it The Higher Power-power needed to fulfill your request.. Get all the info you need here.

*Get these eBooks directly to your device TODAY! No waiting, no shipping charges! Start reading today. Start affirming tonight.

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Customer Reviews

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Based on 1273 reviews
Best cleanse EVUH!!

It really works. My stomach has gone down significantly. Apparently I had a shit belly. 🙃 It does taste horrible. I had to chase it with water, immediately. I started at about 5 pm yesterday, it's 8:30 am now and I'm still going but it's not an "ut-oh lemme run to the bathroom NOW" kinda go. And not back to back either. No stomach cramping at all. It started working about 45 minutes after I chugged it. I recommend holding your nose and downing it. Ima do this every 30 days. On the bottle it says take on your day off. I highly recommend that. But I do feel great. I can hardly believe how much my stomach has deflated. You truly don't realize how much waste is in the colon until it comes out. My colon literally feels empty. Also, I don't know about anyone else, but Im super hungry.

Sea Moss Gel
This is a must have!!!!

Works like a charm make sure you get you a jar of this ASAP!!!!!!!

Oh my!

While the taste isn’t that great it does the job, very well!. I downed it and drank a little zero Gatorade after and it helped, trust me. It’s a peculiar smell that does a peculiar thing! It gets the job done! Gonna do this once a month, going forward! Love the “clean out” results!

Does Wonders

I had issues with bloating bad and feeling stuffed but still hungry after having my gallbladder removed it seems like my liver stayed in overload but after taking this no matter what I eat my stomach no longer bulges out and I have regular cravings now. I don’t know which ingredient is doing the trick but I’m grateful for this product and they have a long term customer now.

Definitely works

Held my smell..shake and drank fast and I was able to stomach drinking it by coating my tongue with peanut butter. It took about an hour to start working. First was a solid movement, then it's been water works ever since. Over the last three hours I've gone 5 times. No cramping, no irritating (thanks to flushable wipes). I highly recommend on a day you stay at home. I'm starting to feel energetic. I would purchase again next month.


Smells terrible. Taste horrible. Sent me to the bathroom asap. I didn’t poop a lot but my body let out gallons of poop water. My butt is is so sore it burns. U definitely need Vaseline!!!!

Does it cleanse you of Marijuana

Sea Moss Capsules
Donte Best

These capsules have given me a great deal of energy. With eating better, I am done a dose on medication. Keep up the good work.

This product does what it's says as advertised. The pills are not as bad as the liquid in terms of making you go but once it's starts, be prepared.


I drank the bottle it's nasty....Nauseated for about 5 minutes...drank water...15 to 20 minutes later ....THE FLOOD GATES OPENED UP!...After all said and I felt like a champ. I could even see

The BEST body cleanser

At the age of 65, I have used Dove soap all my life. Thought it was the best thing for my skin care because it mentioned about the moisturizing ingredients and thought that's what my body need especially since I battled with eczema. Well! Until I found this skin care cleanser, I KNOW that was not the best choice for my skin. This product cleans!! My skin feels and looks different. I even use it on my face. I feel more clean and know this is BETTER for my skin.

This delivers

The detox taste is horrible just as described but the benefits are awesome! I drank it at 2:20pm. First came the gassy feelings; many reviews said don't think it's just gas. Initially, for me it was, but I didn't want to chance a shart🤣 so I went running to the throne.
First bowel movement (BM) was @ 4:24pm so it took a little longer than 30 to 45 minutes and I experienced some mild abdominal cramping. At 4:48pm round 2 no more cramping) splish splash (5:02pm round 3)(5:33 round 4 I had lost 3 pounds at this point. Some of these visits I just sat on the throne and waited for the next round. Feet going numb and all, but it was like as soon as I got up and went back to what I was doing, I had to return to the throne. So why not just hang out and make it your happy place😁. Set up the scene with cottonelle wet wipes to aid in no chafing, Vaseline just in case or a&d ointment, a good book or movie, tiktok, whatever... and a hot soapy* bath cloth🤣. Just be ready and welcome the experience. I will be repeating monthly. (6:16 round 5) After this round things are clearing up and I had no more bowel movements til around 5pm the next day. However, I was gassy and my tummy continued to gurgle throughout the night. Happy Detoxing ❣️ Peculiar People Holistic...Thank you


I just took the detox after a couple of months of having so many meds for cancer in my body. I was bloated, constipated and miserable. Oh my dang...the smell is a bit offensive, as is the taste of the detox. I took big gulps and chased each with a mango Naked smoothie to mask taste. Drank plenty of water, green tea, and honey lemon water...Maaannn!! This detox cleaned me out. Swollen belly went down and I feel good. It's nasty but I will buy it again.

Love it! Not the taste.

Love love the product. I can do without the smell and taste of hotdog water. Drank a lot of water to get rid of the after taste. Absolutely love how fasted it worked. I will definitely be buying and taking it again.

5t stars

This product is amazing! Not going to lie, the smell and taste is by far the worst thing ever! I had to hold my nose the entire time I chugged the bottle. I vomit a little immediately after finishing the bottle. It took approximately two hours for me to have my first BM. I agree with the comments below, the first one is normal and after that it’s like water. I had over 8 BM. I never knew I was so full of sht lol. 5t stars for me :)

1 Day (Happy Colon) Cleanser
It works...

Came across an ad a few months ago on Facebook and immediately went to the link to see what it was about. After reading through most of the reviews I decided to give it a try then ordered it. It came in the mail in about 5 days. Again, based on the reviews I gulp it down as quick as I could followed by a half bottle of water the a whole Gatorade. It tasted pretty bad and if I had to describe it; well it tasted like a chemical perm followed by sour olive after taste. However, once I got that taste off of my tongue I was ok. Definitely, works and within 30 minutes I was on the stool. I was on the stool every hour on the hour for the next 5 hours. Like recommended I drunk water & Gatorade to stay hydrated for the next few days. I also stay with whole foods, fruit and for protein Salmon. I feel great... Definitely, going to add this to my lifestyle every 6 months. Highly recommend you try it. Oh and yes get you some baby wipe for you won't get raw from wiping... lol

100% TRUTH

This product truly works better than anything I’ve ever tried. I feel so much better overall after going through the change. Lighter, less bloating, and really gets better sleep. It’s all TRUE. it’s also true DO NOT GO ANYWHERE UNTIL IT’S OVER. In 2 hours it was coming out and just when I thought it was over. Here we go again and again.

Works Great!

I didn't understand the fuss about the taste. I drank it in one shot and chases it with lemon water. Half hour later....BAM!!!

Plan to purchase again soon🤩

Second Order

This is a must have. I get nervous when I see sold out and I’m running low. I this is the best soap I have ever used. My grandson has eczema and his skin is looking better after using it less than a month.

6oz Natural Moss Bar
Dawn Youngblood

I love this soap. My skin has a new glow and it does not leave a residue. I will be ordering more!!! Thank you Peculiar People!

# 1 detox period

This product works within mins after I finished drinking it.. I was on the toilet for about an hour.. After that I got up for about 10 mins, and went right back on the toilet for another 25-30mins.. The only negative is that its nasty af, but I highly recommend this product 💯

The gift that keeps on giving!

I didn’t know I had that much 💩 in me and this detox liquified and emulsified it all! No cramps and fast working. The taste and smell is the biggest punishment, but let me tell you it’s well
Worth it! I made a smoothie beforehand to chug after consumption, and held my nose while I drank it. Yep I’ll be doing this monthly!

This Stuff Here

Maan when I tell you I was sitting watching television and I thought I heard a helicopter outside my window but realized it was my stomach, felt like a washing machine and then came the Tick,Tick Boom! IT WORKS..

Changed my life!

I wasn't going to write a review but this product has changed my life for the better. This is my 2nd month using the detox. Last month I've lost a total of 15 pounds. This product is a great start if you're looking so change your eating habits. It's taken away all the sugar cravings I use to have (especially around that time of month ladies). I've had so much energy. Even their customer service has been excellent. My order wasn't correct and when I reached out it was corrected immediately. The taste isn't the best at all but the results make it worth it. Very grateful to have come across this product. I have recommended to family and co-workers!

The Best

I brought 2 bottles gave one to my dad he did not like the smell or taste but he drank it. When I tell you the man kept making jokes about the bathroom runs. Talking about every time I think I am done and I get up of the toilet there comes another load. Lol. I drank mines the following day and I couldn’t believe I had all that in my Colon for so long. I am suppose to be having a colonoscopy next month and I am definitely buying 2 more bottles. Thanks to the creator of peculiar people.