2 Session- Premium Quality Vagi Steam Herbs

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(2) individually packed V-Steam Herb meant to be used all at once.

Vaginal steaming (a.k.a Yoni/Vagi Steaming) is an ancient practice which provides gentle and effective support to feminine wellness. Practiced by people around the world, this natural and organic approach allows the herbal steam to gently warm the exterior of the vagina through the process of hydrotherapy. Steaming helps cleanse the uterus and pelvis of blood congestion and stagnation, relaxes the pelvic floor muscles. This ancient treatment effectively cleanses, supports and revitalizes the feminine center offering countless benefits from📥

✅Shrinking of Fibroids
✅Healing from Abortion
✅Healing from Miscarriage
✅Tightening the Vagina
✅Stronger & more frequent orgasms
✅Assists with regulating menstrual cycles
✅Helps to restore bacterial and PH balance
✅Increase libido & reignite sensual passion
✅Yoni detoxification and emotional/somatic release
✅Aids in prevention of infections, bacterial vaginosis and odors
✅Reducing menstrual symptoms - cramps, bloating and exhaustion
✅Improved healing and toning of the reproductive system after birth
✅Ease symptoms of menopause and decreasing sexual pain and dryness
✅Reduce uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, uterine weakness, uterine prolapse & endometriosis
✅Decreases heavy menstrual flow and clears dark menstrual blood from the beginning and end of the cycle

❌When pregnant
❌While on your moon cycle
❌After possible conception
❌With active infection, open sores or blisters
❌Immediately after C-section or pelvic surgery
❌With IUD or another contraceptive device in place
Ingredients: Organic Calendula, Organic Dong Quai Root, Organic Lavender, Organic Motherwort, Organic Rose, Organic Mugwort, Organic Raspberry Leaf, Organic Yarrow Flower
*Please read our FDA compliance prior to purchase*

Customer Reviews

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Joanna Denard
Love Vagi Steam Herbs!

Highly satisfied with the Vagi steam herbs

One on one time💕

I love love love the yoni steam❣️ I’m sooo relaxed & one with myself❣️I usually sit for 20-25 minutes..shower & lay back..& sleep❣️


This is my first experience doing a steam and “Oh what a feeling!!” The quality time to myself using a quality product was amazing. Repeating for sure!!!

Olga Wolfe
Refreshing and Renewed

This is all new for me and since becoming a customer it was a must try. I must say i had a "i love Lucy" moment trying to stay on it but realized it must cool down more. Nevertheless, it was an experience that left me feeling refreshed, cleaned and tightened. I slept like a baby afterwards! I definitely will be using again. I have all my co-workers, friends and family wanting to try.

Mikhayla Batchelor

instructions were easy to read. i actually enjoyed it. it felt good