About Us

             Our life as women is truly a magical process. The stages we went through as we become the women we are today, mimic that of metamorphosis of budding growth, maturity & captivating beauty. With the many stages we experience, we have shred, tore & bled ourselves to prove to the world that we exist, empowered & equally dominant. Many times, we have forgotten to put ourselves first in life.

            With Peculiar People Holistic, we understand exactly how this feels & affects every single day of your life. We’re right here with you as you start a journey to health and wellness, the holistic journey in bringing back the vibrant woman in you, ever radiating & blossoming. 

            We believe that all things grow with care & love. As nature functions with effortless ease and grace, you too can follow its intuitive rhythms & reclaim your vitality by supporting the body’s inherent self-healing process with Vsteam. Vsteam is a holistic approach in reducing fatigue & stress while increasing energy; reducing menstrual symptoms & promoting postpartum healing, making that soothing warmth down below. 

In Peculiar People Holistic, we pride ourselves in providing best quality bundles of vagi-steam herb & colorful steam seats that bring great deal of empowerment, peace & confidence in you. We invite you in this holistic journey of reinventing & rediscovering yourself with Peculiar People Holistic.