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Happy Colon Herbal Capsules

Happy Colon Herbal Capsules

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Having a hard time getting the Happy Colon (liquid) Cleanser down? Try this⤵️

Produced in easy to swallow capsules, this complex of eleven unique herbs, fiber and nutrients in the "Happy Colon Herbal Capsuels" works together to improve your body's detoxification processes by cleansing your gut and eliminating accumulated toxins.

Using this gentle herbal supplement in conjunction with exercise and an healthy diet may help the body lose weight, regulate natural bowel movements and increase energy levels!

Follow these instructions: For occasional use only. Take 1 hour before your first meal of the day with 8 ounces of water daily for up to 15-30 days. Start with one (1) capsule at bedtime for the first 3-4 days, gradually increase to (2-3) capsules not exceeding 4 capsules in one day. Also, ensure sufficient water intake during the day.

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Customer Reviews

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Donte Best

This product does what it's says as advertised. The pills are not as bad as the liquid in terms of making you go but once it's starts, be prepared.

Tosha Burgess
Gentle and smooth

I like the fact that I don’t feel like I’m used the bathroom my life away and it’s very gentle smooth transition.

Carolynn Isom
Happy Colon Indeed

For the most part it does the job. I've actually been taking 2 during the day n 2 @ night. The detox drink makes me feel like its getting what i need done the most. I simply love it.

Lynda Matthews
So far so good

I’m only on day three of the capsules. I’ve been careful taking them because I thought they would cause an urgency and I wouldn’t have control over my bowels. But, they don’t. I have a couple of healthy bowel movements daily, without cramping and side effects. And sorry for the description, but they’re a little soft (my bowels, not the capsules). I’ll be back if any updates are necessary. I still have a week or so to go.

It works

The liquid taste like a prickly foot. Awful taste. But it works