Happy Colon Herbal Capsules

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Joseph Weeks
Not worth it for me

Baby worked for me and I’m about done

Tamara Jackson
Not what I expected

The verdict is still out on the capsules. I was expecting the same results with the liquid. I think when I'm done. I'm going back to the other that works quicker.

Rome Jones

The once-a-month liquid is a much better product is much better than the capsules I thought the capsules would provide the same results just not as strong; at least keeping things flowing more regular.

I will be going back to the liquid if I purchase again.

Rather disappointed :(

Carolynn Isom
Happy Colon Indeed

For the most part it does the job. I've actually been taking 2 during the day n 2 @ night. The detox drink makes me feel like its getting what i need done the most. I simply love it.

Lynda Matthews
So far so good

I’m only on day three of the capsules. I’ve been careful taking them because I thought they would cause an urgency and I wouldn’t have control over my bowels. But, they don’t. I have a couple of healthy bowel movements daily, without cramping and side effects. And sorry for the description, but they’re a little soft (my bowels, not the capsules). I’ll be back if any updates are necessary. I still have a week or so to go.