Multi Purpose Vagi-Steam Chair

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Welcome to a convenient way to steam!

One of the must have Vagi-Steaming accessories! Ideal for steam sessions ANYWHERE in the comfort of your own home.

✅Lightweight & easy to transport
✅Compact & low profile when stored
No-slip feet design adds safety and stability
✅Comfortable seat and perfect chair height will provide you with the optimal relaxation and comfort
✅Reliable & sturdy! Built to easily withstand the elements and the weight of a 250 lb (113 kg) adult. We only use the highest quality materials
Package includes:
  1. Folding Vagi-Steam Chair
  2. Detachable seat (color varies Black/Blue)
  3. Comes with a splash-proof pail, with a convenient carry handle, and pail cover to reduce splashes and spills

***Estimated delivery time 10-15 business days***

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Finally Got it!!!

Definitely a MUST very convenient and You can steam anywhere in the comfort of your home.... Happy Customer

Awesome Chair!!!

I love having the steam chair. Being able to sit in front of the television takes your mind off of the hot steam. It’s comfortable and so convenient. I look forward to steaming.

Byrdi Simon
I love it

Listen i bought this item to allow me to yoni steam. all the other products where over priced. I keep it folded in bathroom and only bring it out when its needed which is once a week to steam the yoni. its a good enough distance from where i put the water to steam. i have a big bum so its as comfortable as Im going to get for 45 minutes to an hour of sitting to steam. I def would recommend over other steamers

Lagena McAdams
It's very comfortable

It's great for yoni steaming. A standard steamer pot fits under it with no problem. It folds very well. It is also just the right height. I am 5'7. It sits as comfortable as you would expect a toilet seat to be. The seat's back is also a plus.

Perpetan O'bethem

Thank you so very much, because we don’t all have a bunch of money and we aren’t all comfortable going to spas for this, at least I’m not. Thank you again for having this steam chair and pictures to make me better understand.