1 Day Detox Cleanser

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1 Day Colon, Kidney and Liver Detox Cleanser

✅Ideal for Weight Loss
✅Increasing Energy levels
✅Colon, Liver & Kidney Cleanse

Get Fast and Effective Results

In order to maintain optimum health, it is important to remove toxins from the body so your body can function properly.

Cleansing your colon has never been more important especially that our bodies are exposed daily to so many chemicals, pollution and toxins. Having toxic buildups in our bodies can certainly take its toll on the colon and can have a negative impact on our body's overall health.

Having a clean colon makes your digestive system more effective, increases your energy levels, helps with weight loss, prevents constipation and improves your overall health and well being.

Main Ingredients: Water, Moringa, Dandelion, King of the Forest, Soursop Leaves, Guinea Hen, Jackna Bush, Leaf of Life, Aloe Vera, Prickly Pear, Garlic, Star of Anise and Cinnamon

Directions: Shake well before each use. We recommend 8oz (full bottle) once a month

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Customer Reviews

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I lost about 3 pounds after taking this detox! Please stay near a toilet. Your own toilet. Light a candle in there and keep it lit all day. Wet wipes are highly recommended. IT WORKS! Purchasing second order now


I tried my 1st bottle about a month ago. Let me tell you about the taste; simply put, EW! It's really hard to get down; however, once you get past that, your good. As far as how it works? DO. NOT. LEAVE. THE. HOUSE. I KNOW I lost 2-3 lbs after drinking this detox. I liked the results so much, I've ordered my 2nd bottle.

Vinny Hughes
Haven't Even Bought It Yet

Some lady in the reviews gave the product 1 star because after they bought the product, it went on sale. She claimed she "felt cheated". SMH. So I said, even though I haven't even purchased the product yet, go ahead and give it 5 stars, simply off of the love, and the fact that I know it'll do wonders for me.

Audrey DeLashment

I am upset that right after I purchased the 1 day detox. You decided to give 60% off. I feel cheated.


I was skeptical about using this even though some video reviews made it sound too good to be true. Well, honey, it did exactly what others claimed because this will clean you hell out!! Yes, it smells bad and it’s HELLA NASTY as far as taste goes. Almost made me want to upchuck a few times, so have a chaser nearby. I drank lemon water with PLENTY of lemon juice because that taste lingers all in your mouth and throat. I went about 8x every 1.5-2hrs after ingesting it. I also made sure to drink plenty of water in between to stay hydrated, which also helped with the cleanse. Didn’t experience cramping but definitely had a STRONG urge to go! And don’t you dare fart because something else is gonna come out!!! Best to use on a day when you are NOT going anywhere. Overall, I’d use it again and yes, I also lost almost 4lbs with this!!