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1 Day (Happy Colon) Cleanser

1 Day (Happy Colon) Cleanser

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Ingredients: Water, Moringa, Dandelion, King of the Forest, Soursop Leaves, Guinea Hen, Jackna Bush, Leaf of Life, Aloe Vera, Prickly Pear, Garlic, Star of Anise and Cinnamon

Directions: Shake well before each use. We recommend 8oz (full bottle) once a month


Legal disclaimer: Health Category products such as health drinks, organic supplements and other related products that do not carry any certified disclaimers must have an FDA disclaimer present. (FDA Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease)

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Holy shit

This has got to be the best thing you could ever buy or do!!! I was pushing out stuff I didn’t even know how it kept going and not only that “butt” it’s also smooth on your tummy even though it taste like poo poo 👍


I NEVER received the product. I waited and sent emailed even received an email from Moline yet 8 months later no product no refund no response. FRAUD


I have only one downside, I could not leave my house for fear of not being close enough to a toilet, aside from that it was very gentle, aside from some noises in my gut it was extremely gentle but it did keep me inside for the entire day

Shelby Sesley
Well I be damn…

First, I am a person who smells things before consuming it. Let me give you a little tip, DON’T SMELL IT! Second, I chugged it down w/o stopping because it taste just as bad as it smells. (Definitely need to brush your teeth afterwards). Last but not least…IT WORKS! I drank at 4:00pm, @ 5:00 pm, I was on the commode. And it was on from there. I was back for a second time, before 6:00pm. I don’t know how many more times, but I am definitely getting a detox FOR SURE! Post note: after the 1st time, it’s just straight liquid. Drink plenty of water , get your fruits & veggies in. I will say I am a satisfied customer. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE PRODUCT & I also HIGHLY RECOMMEND u STAY HOME!!!!

Kayla Smith
Great Product but beware if you have a heart condition.

While this worked, i have a heart condition and it really did a number on me. One of the ingredients effects the speed of your heart. If you have an arrhythmia, avoid and/or consult your physician.