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Sea Moss Gel

Sea Moss Gel

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Not genetically modified

No preservatives, additives, or fillers 

SeaMoss Benefits:

  • Offers 92 of the 102 minerals of which our bodies are made
  • Promote healthy mood and energy
  • Rich source of iodine which helps produce the thyroid hormone
  • Helps boosts immunity its nutrients can help you to fight or ward off infections
  • Helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and diminishes dark circles and bags under the eyes when used as a face mask

Storage: Refrigerate immediately upon arrival and keep refrigerated during use for up to 3-4 weeks. Any unused Sea Moss Gel can be frozen. Simply pour the mixture into ice cube trays, freeze then transfer into a freeze safe container to prevent frostbite.

Recommended Dosage: Take 2-3 tablespoons daily or as needed. Can be added to smoothies, tea, baked goods and salad dressings. If using topically apply to target area and let sit for 15-20 minutes. Rinse off when Sea Moss Gel turns white and flaky.

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Customer Reviews

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Great Product

We use it in our smoothies every day, we highly recommend it !!!!!

Angela Tribble

I purchased a jar and use a tablespoon in my smoothies or coffee each morning and I’ve never felt better! I have bursitis of the left hip and the pain is completely gone, no joint pain and I do not wear my knee pad any longer THANK GOD!! I have stoped taking my medicine for this and ca t wait to go to the doctor Sept 13th so they can see the miracle!!!

Awesome Product!!!

I was skeptical but purchased the gel and honestly, this was the best decision I made this year!! It’s been a week and it’s done wonders for me!! Energy like NEVER before and I have bursitis and been wearing a knee brace lately due to the pain and since I have taken this, the pain is gone and I have not used my medication, LOOK AT GOD, I thank you all and will continue to order this because it WORKS!!! I pray this is the beginning of ending my medication for good!!!

Working wonders

It's a good product i will surely be back for more.

Dorothy Gaymon

This is a must have! It does work! I also lost a few pounds! I will order this again.