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Welcome to Peculiar People Holistic - Embrace Nature's Healing Power!

Are you tired of conventional solutions that only scratch the surface of your well-being? Look no further! Peculiar People Holistic is your ultimate destination for unlocking the secrets of nature's profound healing abilities. As a leading ecommerce company in the United States, we're dedicated to providing you with an extraordinary selection of holistic and natural supplements and solutions to transform your health from the inside out.

Discover a world where natural remedies and holistic solutions reign supreme. Peculiar People Holistic embraces the inherent wisdom of Mother Nature, delivering a treasure trove of natural supplements that nurture your body, mind, and spirit. Our mission is to guide you towards optimal health by harnessing the transformative power of herbs, botanicals, and ancient remedies. Say goodbye to the synthetic and hello to the extraordinary as you embark on a journey that transcends the ordinary and awakens your peculiar self.

Cure is better than prevention.

Join thousands who discovered the benefits of detoxic with herbal rich ingredients.

✔️ Increase energy levels.

✔️ Ideal for weight loss.

✔️ Vegan-friendly.

✔️ Colon, Liver, and Kindey Solutions


Meet Our Best Sellers

  • Lamar Odom

    2X NBA Champ

    "Will have you feeling brand new. Drink plenty of water, grab a good book ,and get ready to go to the bathroom. It’s officially Lamar approved. "

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  • B. Simone

    Entrepreneur, Host of Know For Sure Podcast

    “We only promote products and businesses that we support. Listen. Make sure you don’t have nothing to do that day. Take PTO! You can dedicate one day. It’s bomb. It’s going to clean you out and get you right on the inside.” 

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  • Jason Mitchell


    "What they don’t tell you is you’re going to need baby wipes. I’m not sure if I lost any weight yet but I did have this pouch and it flushed it. I seen it come out. You should get it. You need it."

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does shipping take?

Once payment has been made, 99% of all orders leave our fulfillment center within 10-15 business days.

Our average shipping time is 3-5 business days depending on your location

*NOTE: during restocks, preorders, new releases & special promotions, there can be an additional 2-4 business days of processing time!

How can I get a discount?

The best way to secure a discount is by earning points for your purchase through our rewards program. That's right, you get discounts for shopping holistically.

You can always earn $10 off by sending a $10 off code to your friends and family to join the Peculiar Family.

Where is my order?

To check the status of your order, please sign in to your account or email us at contact@peculiarpeopleholistic.com

Where can I see more reviews?

Visit our Reviews Page!

Is Peculiar People Holistic Black Owned?

Yes! Forever Black Owned but our insides have no color...every colon needs the cleanser hun.

Meet Moline

"I personally define wellness as a state of mind. Wellness is not of any importance to anyone who hasn’t made up in their mind they deserve a healthier lifestyle. Wellness is one of the important reflections for self-love. When you love YOU, you’ll take better care of YOU."


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